Bianca Chang: PS (detail), A4 Paper Festival

Work / Art

Brilliantly sophisticated paper sculptures from the excellent Bianca Chang

Paper-cutting gets a lot of attention these days but it’s Bianca Chang’s work isthe first in a long time to actually make me say “oooh.” Uniform, slick and crisp white, she plays with shadows and letterforms in a beautifully striking way by somehow creating contrasts out of nothing more than changing how the paper is cut. Like a warm knife slicing cleanly through a vanilla cheesecake (only a lot more sophisticated), these paper sculptures are elegant and wonderful. It’s the small details in her work that really demonstrate her skill as well with a hoard of precise layers and smooth lines.


Bianca Chang: PS, A4 Paper Festival


Bianca Chang: Twin, A4 Paper Festival


Bianca Chang: Twin (detail), A4 Paper Festival


Bianca Chang: Nix Pix, A4 Paper Festival


Bianca Chang: Dot, A4 Paper Festival


Bianca Chang: Letter T, For Tim