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Win everything we’ve ever published EVER – Happy Birthday us!

Birthdays are the time when people rally round to celebrate your life thus far/cruelly mock the indefatigable march of the ageing process. But birthdays also mean presents, and today is no exception. But because we’re super-excited about our new site and because we’re not about demanding birthday bounty, we’re giving it away in the form of everything we’ve ever published.

So to get your mitts on Issues 1 to 8 of our magazine (yes, that’s right the legendary, lesser-spotted Issue 1) plus The Wiki Man, Future:Content, If You Could Collaborate and It’s Nice That: A London Design Festival Special just do the following…

How to enter

Send a Tweet starting “It’s Nice That…” and then tell us what is nice. It could be something about your family, your walk to work, your partner, your pet or your parents; literally anything – funny, philosophical or fascinating. Then add the hashtag #INTWIN and this link to end with.


So it could be: “It’s Nice That my legs are able to work in tandem #INTWIN”
Or: "It’s Nice That when you are five you can have a proper strop banging your hands on the floor #INTWIN

The competition will close at 6pm on Thursday and we’ll choose a winner who tickles us the most (not literally). Good luck!