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Nash Edgerton brings us a brilliantly violent, cheese-fest of a Bob Dylan video

It wouldn’t be right of me not to warn you that for the first 60 seconds or so of this video, you’re going to potentially need to hold chunks down because, truthfully, this music video opens like the slushiest indie phone advert you’ve ever been faced with. Patience however, is a virtue, and soon the young hero of the story – the man responsible for the cheese-factor – is being beaten to a pulp and hunted down by the feds, making the chunks in your throat suddenly disappear. You are then faced with a smack-in-the-face reminder that Bob Dylan never ceases to be the coolest man on earth as he saunters down the street with one of the weirdest and best entourages you’ll probably ever see in a music video. Nash Edgerton, we hope you direct all of Dylan’s videos from now on, because you certainly seem to know what you’re doing.

Did I mention that as well as being a director, Nash Edgerton is also one of Hollywood’s favourite stuntmen? Perhaps that’s where all that violence stemmed from…