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Bogdan Ceausescu and Sebastian Pren experiment with grids and shapes in their latest zine

Designer Bogdan Ceausescu and illustrator Sebastian Pren’s zine On/Off the grid features a series of experimental illustrations designed for a group show. “The concept is quite simple: every illustration began as a basic grid of three columns of equal length that comprised both elements that are aligned to the grid as well as some that are not, hence the title,” explains Bogdan.

“We use grids so often in our work that we can’t remember exactly how we decided to transfer them to this project and turn them into the main attraction,” he continues. “The idea probably came to us when we wanted to use a ruler to align the works and we ended up creating a grid.”

The illustrations quickly became a zine and the pair decided to Risograph print it because of its links with the original concept. “The paper works like a grid for the printer and every edition is a little bit different and unique in a way,” Bogdan says.

The illustrations are a combination of the abstract and geometric, where some seem to be a pleasing composition of shapes and others look more like basic landscapes. In a limited colour palette of black, white, red and blue, the restrictions further allude to the restrictions of the grid format, and there’s a uniformity to the whole zine.

“The most enjoying and challenging part of the project was working together and investigating how our plan can come to life,” says Bogdan. “The Choriso Press is where we had the most fun. Seeing your work get printed before your eyes is always a treat.”

The designer adds: “Our project is a reminder that often the errors or small imperfections in your work can turn into something new and original.”


Bogdan Ceausescu and Sebastian Pren: On/Off the Grid


Bogdan Ceausescu and Sebastian Pren: On/Off the Grid


Bogdan Ceausescu and Sebastian Pren: On/Off the Grid


Bogdan Ceausescu and Sebastian Pren: On/Off the Grid


Bogdan Ceausescu and Sebastian Pren: On/Off the Grid