The Book of Everyone: Tom Edwards – Pharaohs were buried with 38 cats (detail)

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Illustration: Host of illustrators draw facts to mark launch of new publishing venture

It’s a long acknowledged online truth that cats mean clicks. But if you were drawn in by Tom Edwards’ cute kitties above then prepare to be shocked; Tom’s drawing is a representation of the fact that Egyptian pharaohs were buried with 38 cats. This grisly feline tidbit is one of many such morsels collated by the creators of a new publishing service The Book Of Everyone, a website and app whereby you can order a personalised book for someone you love (or hate. But that’d be weird).

You submit the person’s name and date or birth and an algorithm searches through a huge database of miscellany to find relevant facts and figures. So if your mate is 32, they might find out that’s the same age Alexander The Great died or that so far in their life they have shed 15.4 litres of water while crying. You get the idea.

Anyway ahead of the launch at London’s KK Outlet on January 30, the creators of The Book of Everyone have commissioned some of our favourite creative talent – including Kyle Platts, Damian Poulain, Ian Stevenson and Patrick Kyle – to illustrate some of the weird and wonderful entries in their database. I’m a particular fan of Jean Jullien’s eco-terrorist, complete with dynamite and little else.


The Book of Everyone: Damien Poulain – 25mph is the max ground speed of a wild turkey


The Book of Everyone: Jean Jullien – The word eco-terrorist was added to the dictionary in 1980, Jean Julien chose to bring the word to life.


The Book of Everyone: Kyle Platts – Who Framed Roger Rabbit? was the highest grossing in 1988


The Book of Everyone: Patrick Kyle – The Gameboy was launched in 1989


The Book of Everyone: Sac Magique – Haile Selassie being the boss in 1965


The Book of Everyone: Ian Stevenson – Words to live your life by: “Don’t forget to have a good time”


The Book of Everyone: Tom Edwards – Pharaohs were buried with 38 cats


The Book of Everyone


The Book of Everyone


The Book of Everyone