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Check out illustrator Matthew Bromley’s very impressive collection of children’s books!

Now here is a man who knows what he’s talking about! Matthew Bromley, whose artwork you will probably have come across in the form of Anorak magazine, a publication dedicated specifically to children, but often lusted after by adults for it’s astonishingly good artwork and bank of contributing illustrators. Matthew’s colourful, monster-riddled work has also been displayed in NoBrow’s famously collectable publications, and also in mural form at London’s Beach Gallery. Read on to discover some of the funniest looking kid’s books you’ll ever see, accompanied by some insider knowledge from Matthew himself.

Richard Scarry – Best Counting Book Ever

In my eyes Richard Scarry is the king of kids books! I have quite a few now but I bought it from a charity shop on a visit to Somerset and some of these spreads are works of art. I have my eye on a few of my mum’s and aunt’s from the 1970s that are being read and loved by my cousins right now.
Richard Scarry: Best Counting Book Ever

Roger Duvoisin – Petunia

I discovered Roger Duvoisin when I was at University and this was what sparked my interest and enthusiasm for children’s books, story telling and character development. I love this book so much and it holds great memories for me, which might seem strange for a children’s book to have that effect on an adult.
Roger Duvoisin: Petunia, Beware!

Genichiro Yagyu – All About Scabs

Looks like the whole book was drawn in about a day and is truly fantastic, funny and educational too! Love the limited palette which is scarce amongst most contemporary children’s books these days. I aim to one day be able to get this loose and confident with my drawing!
Genichiro Yagyu: All about Scabs

P.D. Eastman – Sam and the Firefly

This was my aunts book given to her in 1970 for her birthday (it’s written inside). It’s a gem of a book, blows my mind how they produced books like these before computers. Published under the Cat in a Hat Beginner Books I have a couple now but on the look out to complete the set!
Sam and the Firefly: P.D Eastman

Masters of the Universe: He-Man meets the Beast

Found this at a car boot, set me back 30p. I was so excited when I discovered this and went home and found the rest of them on Ebay (cheating I know!) The artwork is all painted and very inspiring for compositions and use of story telling. It’s funny that ladybird books published something like this.
John Grant: He-man Meets the Beast


Matthew Bromley: Bookshelf


Matthew Bromley: Bookshelf