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10,000+ ways to open a bottle of beer (including using a slice of pizza)

After seeing this video, I solemnly swear I will never go to a party and ask politely for a bottle-opener again. You think because you can open one with your teeth you’re pretty tough? Well, hold the phone. Skateboarder and filmmaker Chris Sumers has made a compilation of as many different methods of opening a beer bottle as possible, and don’t just think this is footage of people using the edges of tables and mantlepieces, oh no. These guys are utilising such day to day objects as slices of pizza, drills, wheelchairs and machetes to perform the simple, yet wholly satisfying art of opening a bottle of beer. That sound as well! Now go forth, and impress everyone this weekend with skills you’ve learnt from this video, then write and thank Chris Sumers for what he has bestowed upon us.