Brendan Munroe: Particle Collisions

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Solar systems and a healthy dose of affection, Brendan Munroe’s work never fails to please

Brendan Munroe once sent us a comic book he made called Islands and to this day there is a shared opinion in the studio that it is one of the most beautiful things we have ever received. A self-professed artist rather than illustrator, Brendan’s work is a humble mixture of tenderness and scientific curiosity, whisking us briefly out of the norm and into a world where couples clutch at each other in the sea and the Large Hadron Collider is broken down to a series of aesthetically pleasing marks. Most recently, Brendan has contributed a piece of work to accompany Jennifer Egan’s tweeted novel, which you can see here on The New Yorker.


Brendan Munroe: After Bohr’s Model


Brendan Munroe


Brendan Munroe: Islands


Brendan Munroe: Observations of Light and Matter


Brendan Munroe: The Drawing Now show


Brendan Munroe: This is what I wanted to show you


Brendan Munroe: Waders