Bruce Munro: Cantus Arcticus ©Getty Images

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Light artist Bruce Munro creates an ethereal, Arctic-inspired treat

Artist Bruce Munro has a real talent for using light to create ethereal, other worldly installations and we’ve seen before how well he works in traditional surroundings. His latest piece Cantus Arcticus is inspired by a piece of music of the same name by Finnish composer Einohujani Rautavaara and features shimmering curtains of light which reference the Northern lights and the silhouettes of circling birds. With clever use of mirrors, visitors to Waddeston can step into an extraordinarily immersive experience where sound and light combine to stunning effect.

Bruce Munro: Cantus Artcius runs until October 27.


Bruce Munro: Cantus Arcticus ©Getty Images


Bruce Munro: Cantus Arcticus ©Getty Images