Bryan Sheffield: 50 Cent (detail)

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Bryan Sheffield captures missed moments with raw snaps of the stars

Photographer Bryan Sheffield’s portfolio is a glorious mix of music bigwigs, careful observations and elevating the everyday. Working professionally since 2006, Bryan first got interested in the field “by photographing friend’s bands, and bands that I was a fan of,” he explains. 

Shooting for record labels, magazines and himself, his portfolio is eclectic but consistent in the way Bryan communicates a solid narrative throughout his images. “I am always trying to create work that can tell a story. Something that people want to see more of and learn more about,” Bryan says. His subjects vary from superstars like 50 Cent and Snoop to regular people. “Some are models, some are friends I buy beer for, some are bands who buy beer for me and some are famous people who have their publicists get magazines to hire me,” the Los Angeles-based photographer explains.  

Many of Bryan’s photographs give attention to the moments we normally overlook, like a child looking out of window or a kiss. It creates a fantastic feeling of electricity, as though something has just happened or is about to. This electricity and intrigue gives his images a beautiful energy and rawness. While it’s clear Bryan has a style, he’s keen not to limit himself in his work: “Styles change as an artist grows, but as long as all my work has a common thread of feeling I will be a happy man.”


Bryan Sheffield: Quvenzhane Wallis


Bryan Sheffield: Machupa


Bryan Sheffield: Los Angeles, CA


Bryan Sheffield: Snoop Dogg


Bryan Sheffield: Graham & JJ


Bryan Sheffield: Echo Park, CA


Bryan Sheffield: Hollywood, CA


Bryan Sheffield: Doppelganger Clothing


Bryan Sheffied: 50 Cent