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Buffalo Zine are back with issue 7 and it’s a fashion fiesta

Independent print might be thriving, but there are fewer magazines we look forward to more than the eternally shapeshifting Buffalo Zine. With every issue comes a complete redesign, the magazine bowing deferentiently to the theme that dictates it’s format. With past issues masquerading as shopping catalogues, home and interiors magazines and tabloid newspapers, nothing is quite what it seems.

Issue 7, the latest from the Buffalo office bows to the heady call of summer with a “holidays in Spain” edition. The issue is split into four large format magazines featuring Paz de la Huerta, Tony Pike, Stella McCartney, Miguel Adrover, Rossy de Palma, Colby Keller, Santiago Calatrava, Alex Cameron, Bad Gyal, La Zowi and Yung Beef and a list of contributing artists which reads as a guide to some of the most promising photographic talent around: Andrea Artemisio, Benedict Brink, Bruno Staub, Coco Capitán, Francesco Nazardo, Joyce NG, Kim Reenberg, Luis Sanchis, Naty Abascal, Pascal Gambarte, Philippe Jarrigeon, Reto Schmid, Rob Kulisek, Suffo Moncloa and Till Janz.

We caught up with Adrian, David, Tati and Liam AKA team Buffalo to find out what lies beneath the issue’s covers and where they’re planning to holiday this summer.

You just won a D&AD award. Congratulations! What does the award mean for you as a team and Buffalo Zine as a publication?

Adrian: We are always very proud of this award, or any award. But sometimes it can feel like they are more important to other people. You can believe what you do is good, but others need to hear about awards to believe it, so maybe they are quite useful. Speaking of D&AD, we have won a wood pencil for each one of our last six issues, and we really want a yellow one now! It’s become a personal cause.

You’ve recently added a few members to the team. Tell us how the progress of making an issue looks these days.

Adrian: We are considerably cutting down the amount of stories. We’ve been managing over 25 stories and teams in the last two issues, and it’s been great, but we need more time now for other commercial projects, and also to live life a bit. The office is nice, but we also pay rent on our apartments so would be nice to use them.

David: Liam has been part of the team for years, he is the oldest member apart from David and Adrian, and all the writing goes through him. Since last year we have the figure of fashion director, who didn’t exist before but we decided to create because of Tati. There’s Andrea Lazarov, our editor-at-large and the one who also takes care of all the digital, merch, et cetera. Harald Smart helps Liam with the texts and Dan Richardson helps all of us! It’s got bigger, but there is still a family vibe.

From the world of interiors to deliciously tacky package holidays, talk us through the journey that led you to issue 7.

Adrian: It’s an issue about tourists in Spain — it could be about tourism in any other place, but David and I are Spanish so it felt closer to our experience. We found that dialogue very interesting, that relationship between Spain and the UK that’s based on sunny summer holidays. We love to play with archetypes and the obvious stuff and do something unexpected with that.


Buffalo Zine 7


Buffalo Zine 7


Buffalo Zine 7

What has been your most memorable holiday to date?

Adrian: Three special holidays of mine were a road trip in Florida in a convertible with an old friend, a summer in Berlin and almost any holiday I’ve had in Morocco.

Tati: Uhf, there are a few, but every time I’ve been to Mexico, whichever part, it’s always been pretty amazing. When I did the Inca Trail from Cuzco to Peru (ha, a holiday?) and finally, my parents taking me to Disney in Orlando when I was 8, which remains my favourite holiday memory of my life!

Liam: I’ve only been to Spain twice, but I went to Madrid two years ago just before Christmas and David and Adrian were in town. They took me and Andy out to a fancy restaurant called Casa Lucio where the King of Spain is a regular, followed by a dive bar for karaoke, then finished in an empty nightclub where Adrian gave us a pole-dancing performance. The perfect Madrid night out.

If Buffalo Issue 7 was a Spanish holiday destination, where would it be and why?

David: Benidorm. We just love it. It has the best and the worst of Britain and Spain, all mixed up and on steroids.

Speaking of holidays, what have you got planned between now and the gestation of issue 8?

David: I’m actually currently on holiday in Mexico visiting a friend.

Tati: Being the South American member of the crew, I will incur a winter holiday while everyone else is enjoying their summer. I’m going to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to visit my family — a city break.

Adrian: I’ll be spending two weeks in a house in Puglia with my boyfriend, and I have some weekend trips to Ribeira Sacra (Galicia) and Javea (Alicante), two of my favourite places in Spain.

Liam: And I’m off to Mallorca at the end of June, to soak up some of those sweet Spanish rays. I’ll be consulting the islands section of Buffalo 7 to inspire some holiday looks.


Buffalo Zine 7


Buffalo Zine 7


Buffalo Zine 7


Buffalo Zine 7


Buffalo Zine 7


Buffalo Zine 7