Fun, funny and funnier! The cam-whoring self-portrait twists on famous photographs

11 December 2012

We love to show people where we are and who we’re with, and this process requires some “cam-whoring” technical wizardry that always includes a steadfast arm reaching out from the photograph itself. Glance through photos on Facebook or glide the swarms uploaded to Instagram and there is something you are always SURE to see – the precariously taken, arm-length self-portrait captured on a hand-held camera.

What better way then to show consumers that a brand is as close to the news as Simon Cowells’ trousers are to his nipples, than to create a fantastically fun, tongue-in-cheek advertising campaign? This “cam-whoring” series has been created by the advertising agency Lowe Cape Town who have re-imagined iconic photography, manipulating them in Photoshop to create a self-portrait effect. The results speak for themselves!


Lowe Cape Town: Churchill (The Cape Times)


Lowe Cape Town: Sailor (The Cape Times)


Lowe Cape Town: Tutu (The Cape Times)

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