Camilla Perkins: Other (detail)

Work / Illustration

Camilla Perkins’ vibrant characters clash brilliantly with their surroundings

Camilla Perkins is based in Brighton, and her illustrations use only the brightest hues which I hope are influenced by her seaside surroundings. We’ve not featured Camilla’s pictures since 2013, and it’s great to see how her style has developed since then. Shying away from collections of objects, it seems Camilla’s been perfecting her skills in illustrating the human form and the result is wonderful. Her figures are mainly surrounded by basic props and shapes, but the faces and features of her characters are marked out carefully in scratchy lines. In some images bold expanses of pattern applied as floors or walls are a lovely addition to all the brightness and it’s these details that really make Camilla’s work stand out.


Camilla Perkins: Sapeurs


Camilla Perkins: Sapeurs


Camilla Perkins: Medium


Camilla Perkins: Animo Collective


Camilla Perkins: Other


Camilla Perkins: Medium


Camilla Perkins: Sussex