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A day off to do what you love? Camper’s new campaign does just that

As it’s Friday, thoughts are turning to how to make the most of these two glorious days of freedom about to be unleashed on us – but wouldn’t it be great if you were just given a bonus day off on the condition you use it to do something you love? That’s the charming premise behind Camper’s new campaign which has kicked off with a series of videos featuring the brand’s employees – from store staff to accountants – kicking back and doing something they’re passionate about.

And for the next weeks they’re asking you, the good people of the internet, to get involved by sharing what you would do with a precious day off. You can submit ideas or images using the #dowhatyoulove hashtag across Twitter and Instagram or through the Camper Facebook page, and each week someone will be selected to win some of their new Spring/Summer range, plus there’s a chance to win a shopping trip as well. Sweet.

Visit the Camper/dowhatyoulove site to found out more.



Camper: Do What You Love


Camper: Do What You Love


Camper: Do What You Love


Camper: Do What You Love

This post was produced in collaboration with Camper.