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Film producers CANADA smash it yet again with their library-based love story

CANADA are the epitome of supercool; everything our favourite Barcelona-based filmmakers and producers touch turns to chic, so it’s time the rest of us just put down our on-trend moccasins, blacked-out sunglasses and tiny man-buns and just let them get on with it. What better way to retire our cool-hunting ways than to watch the collective’s latest short, Laberinto (Labyrinth), directed by Marc Oller, which sees the classic love story of a boy chasing an aloof girl played out sublimely.

Accompanying the musical stylings of Verkeren, the whole video takes place in a library oozing typical CANADA aesthetics, where the spines of the books blend gloriously together with the clothes of the silent readers in a flurry of muted pastel colours.

The main – and best – part of the video is a display of rhythmic peacocking where the male lead magnificently woos his boo by dancing in the most awkwardly cool fashion. Marc has stayed true to CANADA’s style with the quality and execution of the film continuing to reach that incredible level.