Carl Kleiner: Lollipops

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Carl Kleiner’s new studio Lollipops series is a fun end-of-summer treat

I’d love to be Carl Kleiner. He’s got such a great way of looking at the world but whereas I might have the odd semi-decent idea he has loads of them, plus the skill and wherewithal to make them happen. His new series Lollipops, released yesterday, is simplicity itself, using objects from his studio to create models of this sticky summer staple.

“I’m a collector of different materials, and I have a lot of samples arranged in my studio window. I re-arrange them every now and then – it is like my Japanese garden.

“One hot summer day I built a composition looking like an ice cream that I felt Ettore Sottsass would have liked, and I felt very inspired and made this series.”

And you know what Carl? We’re ruddy glad you did.


Carl Kleiner: Lollipops


Carl Kleiner: Lollipops


Carl Kleiner: Lollipops