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Cassetteboy’s back bringing us an alternative Olympics welcoming message

In the same way Commissioner Gordon can summon Batman using the Bat-Signal, we need a way of summoning Cassetteboy. Perhaps we could project an old C-90 tape into the sky above London every time an event comes to dominate public discourse and we all agree it needs its pomposity puncturing. Actually maybe we don’t need to call him, because he seems to step up just when he’s needed. With Olympic fever now ratcheting up Cassetteboy has just released his newest work – a spliced-up selection of London Mayor Boris Johnson welcoming visitors to London 2012, in a, well, alternative way. Dark in places, silly throughout, the “fluff-headed loon” makes for a perfect subject for Cassetteboy’s skills. And the final slogan: “Get some burgers or you’ll get eaten by bears” should definitely be adopted as the unofficial Games slogan. Cassetteboy, sir, we salute you, and we need you…