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Catalogue Studio launches the seventh issue of Library Paper themed Romance

Catalogue Studio have been busy of late. Having redesigned Brick Magazine and released a swathe of new zines, the studio, one of It’s Nice That’s Ones to Watch 2016, has launched the seventh issue of it’s ever-popular Library Paper. The publication provides an overview of contemporary design and art practices from around the world, which gives readers an insight into artistic process.

Following a redesign in issue six, Catalogue has initiated a change of concept, with all of the content following the theme of romance. “The themes are always pretty loose and fun, so people can do whatever they want,” says Oliver Shaw, co-founder of Catalogue Studio. “We also knew we wanted Simon Whybray to write the foreword and he’s a super sweet guy so romance was a good fit. Before we think of the concept and the theme for the issue we already have a few contributors lined up and that informs the outcome. Out of the 40 that contributed, we already had around 20 lined up, one of which was Stefan Marx who immediately sent a completely romantic drawing of a flower shop. From there we knew exactly where to go.”

The contributors to the issue are a mix of “friends, acquaintances and people whose work we have been fans of.” The impressive list of collaborators includes Braulio Amado, Brian Kanagaki, Nate Walton, Paul Gacon, Stefan Marx, Teddy Fitzhugh, Yimmy Yayo and more. “We either approach people who we know, and therefore will say yes (we hope), or we pick people out of the blue and hope they agree. Nine times out of 10 they do and more often than not they know the magazine which is great,” says Oliver.

The 60-page issue comes with two covers, shot by photographer Paul Phung. “We are fans of his work and have been for a long time, his work emits romance in every way, explains Oliver. “The first edition of the magazine (now sold out) was, in our opinion one of his best ever shots. The second edition (available here) was no different. Paul used two different subjects for each edition, which poses an interesting dynamic. We also had both editions at the LA Art Book Fair this past Feb and it was split down the middle in terms of popularity.”


Catalogue Studio: Library Paper 7


Catalogue Studio: Library Paper 7


Catalogue Studio: Library Paper 7


Catalogue Studio: Library Paper 7


Catalogue Studio: Library Paper 7