Morag Myerscough: No Guts No Glory

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Top graphic designers respond to London 2012, hosted at Central St Martins

There was a lot of (loud) talk when the official posters for the 2012 games were not the efforts of the UKs finest graphic designers, but Vaughn Oliver and Jonathan Barnbrook have gone some way to right that wrong. Having dialled up Neville Brody, Alan Kitching, Marina Willer, Morag Myserscough along with top agencies like Graphic Thought Facility and Why Not Associates, the pair curated a selection of posters which will go on display next week at CSM’s Lethaby Gallery. Those invited to take part make for interesting insights into how our top designers are engaging with London’s big moment.

Fit runs at the Lethaby Gallery, Central St Martins from July 2 to July 9 before transferring to the Window Gallery until June 30.


Michael Worthington: Onomatopoeialympics


Andy Altmann/Why Not Associates: Where are they now?


Angus Hyland: 2012 = 5 rings


Marina Willer and Ian Osborne: Fit


Tomato: Olympian Origins, Tom Daley