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Charles Sowers mounts 612 wind arrows on San Fran museum with stunning results

We seemed to have posted a few projects recently which take weather as their inspirations, but if creatives keep smashing it out the park then we’re happy to keep featuring. The latest meteorological treat we came across was courtesy of Charles Sowers.

The American artist installed 612 rotating wind direction indicators on the Randall Museum in San Francisco, in a bid to “visually reveal the complex and ever-changing ways the wind interacts with the building and the environment.” And my word has he succeeded with a beautiful, utterly bewitching kinetic sculpture which I could watch for hours.

Charles’ work shows a longstanding obsession with natural phenomena and he describes his mission to “draw people into a careful noticing and interaction” with phenomena that can so easily go unnoticed. His starting points may be everyday, but his realisations are anything but.


Charles Sowers: Windswept at The Randall Museum


Charles Sowers: Windswept at The Randall Museum


Charles Sowers: Windswept at The Randall Museum