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New Sliding Doors-esque Prince’s Trust spot shows what a girl’s life could have been

London-based ad agency CHI & Partners has created this compelling and moving spot to mark the 40th anniversary of the Prince’s Trust, known for helping young people aged 13-30 get into education, training and jobs.

The ad shows how the charity has changed lives by splitting the screen and telling two opposing stories about the same girl. A distant reminder of the 1998 film Sliding Doors, the mirrored shots play out what this girl’s life could’ve been like in thoughtfully composed frames and nuanced performances.

The ad was directed by Miles Jay and avoids the shock tactics and cheap gimmicks sometimes used to get viewers attention and instead adopts a clever and subtle approach to get its point across. The disparate situations build gradually with an uneasy sense of tension and the ad ends in a stark juxtaposition where the girl’s safety and wellbeing is hard to ignore.


CHI & Partners: Parallel Lives, The Prince’s Trust (still)


CHI & Partners: Parallel Lives, The Prince’s Trust (still)


CHI & Partners: Parallel Lives, The Prince’s Trust (still)