Christopher Wright: Bonjour BBQ

Work / Illustration

Sports cheese, spliffs and Stone Henge from man-of-the-moment Christopher Wright

It’s good to know that if Mogwai were to curate a festival, they’d have the Vengaboys playing at it. Christopher Wright “hassled” famous bands and musicians to tell him their dream line-ups so he could make fantasy festival posters for them. It’s a great project. In fact, pretty much all of Christopher’s projects are amazing. His work looks like the Beano if the illustrators of the Beano were dirty, stoned, 14-year-old boys, so basically Viz but with more spliffs.

Having started his career in Bristol, a lot of his fantastic poster designs are for gigs, nights and pubs in that area and he’s become a bit of a household name in the last few weeks in London as his Sports Cheeses poster he made with Richie Moment was easily the most talked-about project at this year’s Pick Me Up. His work goes far beyond puns though, he’s genuinely an incredible draughtsman and designer, and we’re big fans.


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