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Cillit Bang gets rid of Barry Scott with new Flashdance-inspired ad

Most of us are familiar with the dulcet, shouty tones of Cillit Bang spokesperson Barry Scott. His unsubtle selling of the powerful cleaning product has been the brand’s go-to for years, but its new ad is a marked departure and signals a new approach for the company. 

Part of its first global campaign, the ad sees a mechanic listening to She’s a Maniac from Flashdance and cleaning a garage aided with just a bottle of Cillit Bang and his slick dance skills. The mechanic is played by Daniel Cloud Campos, Madonna’s front dancer, so there’s an array of impressive gymnastics, parkour and showmanship smoothly edited together. Created by ad agency BETC Paris, the spot is tongue-in-cheek but sophisticated, and with a wave of a J-cloth Cillit Bang says goodbye to Barry Scott.


BETC Paris: Cillit Bang


BETC Paris: Cillit Bang


BETC Paris: Cillit Bang