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One of the most violent films of the decade – remade with cats and claymation

A few weeks ago I went to see Gareth Evans’ The Raid which was, potentially, one of the most violent couple of hours I have ever experienced –my ears rang with gunshot until the next day, and I couldn’t get a certain image of an exploding fridge out of my head. Nevertheless, Gareth’s film is a gorey masterpiece, thus making it prime re-make material for a certain Lee Hardcastle, the man who, earlier this year, turned Pingu into something not unlike the first battle scene in Saving Private Ryan.

The concept for The Raid is simple, a team of SWAT police must get to the top of a 30 storey building to defeat a drug lord, making their way past furious protection on every floor. Lee Hardcastle, inspired by the sheer brutality and simplicity of the film, swaps the bloodthirsty Vietnamese soldiers with cats, and exchanges all the weed with catnip making one of the best claymation pastiches I’ve seen in a long time.