Work / Web is the online platform pushing coding and digital art closer together

Somewhere over the past few years those vaguely hallucinogenic music visualisers and somnambulic 90s screensavers like the Windows maze have graduated as far more sophisticated works of coding. A selection of these playful and slightly addictive visuals is the premise of, an online library of weirdly beautiful web experiments and interactive creations that pushes coding outside its formerly geeky remit. The work of various and talented coders, strange worlds pivot, amorphous shapes swell and thousands of letters respond to the click of your mouse. Impressively, there is a Chrome extension in addition to the site which loads a new doodle in every browser tab you open. If the goal is to become a go-to resource for tech-made visuals, looks to be well on its way and goes to show digital art is a field that only continues to grow.