Bas van de Poel: Computer Virus Catalog

Work / Illustration

An illustrated guide to history’s most destructive computer viruses

It’s very exhilarating to see people taking something destructive and turning it into something creative; with that in mind please welcome the Computer Virus Catalog.

It’s the brainchild of Amsterdam-based Bas van de Poel, who invited a host of top illustrators to create images insider by “the worst viruses in computer history.” With the likes of HORT, Sarah Mazzetti, Jonathan Zawada and Sam Coldy taking part, there’s some top quality talent involved and an eclectic mix of visual styles to enjoy. It’s also gently educational, with a short paragraph explaining each virus accompanying the image; welcome to a strange world of odd codenames and impressively annoying ways of messing with your Mac.


HORT: Marburg


Karborn: Implant


Jay Wright: Madman


Jonathan Zawada: Lichen


Sarah Mazzetti: Anna Kournikova


Merijn Hos: Nople