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Connan Mockasin tells us about his favourite music video

We’re all big fans of Connan Mockasin, we listen to him in the studio all the time and we were pretty sad to miss him at Wilderness festival over the weekend. When we asked him to do a My Favourite Music Video feature we thought he’d pick something truly obscure and spectacular that we had never seen before – and he did. The recording artist has chosen a music video from an odd corner of the internet, and has told us why he loves it so much. To be honest we’re hoping Connan’s next vid is as great as this one. He says it gets better after a few listens, and yeah – I guess fingers crossed maybe it will…

Connan Mockasin: Low Speed Bus Chase – Will Nostalgia Turn Blue

The music video that has particularly inspired me or stood out to me is called Will Nostalgia Turn Blue by Low Speed Bus Chase. The first time I saw the video was on television in 2009 while working with BARB. My friend James introduced it to me. 

What I enjoyed most about the video was the humour and enthusiasm of the band, and also the shots and the camera tricks she did. It’s hard to work out if it’s low or high budget. I didn’t like the song the first few times that I saw the video, but after a lot of listens I liked the song too. Also, all the comments on YouTube are positive and mostly just about the video rather than:

“your video are well done and you deserve more attention i subscribe and i wait for more!"

“Never stop making videos, your so talented!"

“Hey! I loved this video! I favorited it and subscribed! I look forward to more of your video!"

“best video ever.”

“lol very entertaining vid, subbed and liked:p.”

“post more vidz.”

It is the most addictive and sincere video you will ever see, so check it out here.