Craft Council: Collect. Junko Mori: Propagation Project; Cactus, 2011

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Top craft choices in the build up to annual Craft Council jamboree

Next week sees the return of the Craft Council’s annual jamboree Collect, a celebration of the very best ceramic, glass, jewellery, textiles, wood, furniture, silver and fine metalwork by both new talent and established artist. To whet your crafty appetite (as in your appetite for craft not your cunning) they are counting down by asking a selection of top arts and design types to choose an object that encompasses everything they love about this eclectic, painstaking medium.

So far we’ve seen Sara Flynn’s Introvert Junction Vessel selected by the Design Council, the good folk over at Design Week went for Shigekazu Nagae’s Forms in Succession #1, Hela’s Furniture picked the Bellybottle trio by Paula Stokes, the Propagation Project plumped for Cactus by Junko Mori and the V&A named Noon Passama’s Untitled as their favourite.

With big-hitters like the Design Museum still to go it’s a daily dose of crafty (again not cunning) goodness that serves as a good way in to the fair and the discipline.


Craft Council: Collect. Paula Stokes: Bellybottle trio, 2010


Craft Council: Collect. Murakami Tamotsu: Dragonfly, 2009


Craft Council: Collect. Noon Passama: Necklace, 2011


Craft Council: Collect. Shigekazu Nagae: Forms in Succession #1, 2011


Craft Council: Collect. Ptolemy Mann: Circle I, 2011