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Creativity in print: how Park help us create Printed Pages

Each issue of Printed Pages is printed with Park Communications, a long time supporter of It’s Nice That and a considerate printing service that works with the creative not just for them.

Set up in 1991, Park’s founders, Heath Mason and Alison Branch, already had 24 years of print industry practice before establishing their business. As a result, Park take pride in the products it prints: “Our technology is efficient and environmentally-friendly,” Alison explains. “Our repro and presses have been fine tuned to achieve the very best reproduction. This is one of the primary reasons It’s Nice That chooses to work with us.” Based in London’s Docklands, Park is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, having the “flexibility and capacity to handle projects from the very simple and relaxed, to the complex and urgent”. In comparison to other printers based outside of the city, Park allows “your message to get to market faster…our turnaround times are the best in the market.” On top of this, it offers a wide range of services from translation to typesetting and art working, as well as overnight and bespoke printing including folding, stitching, perfect and PUR binding and lamination.

We use Park due to its foundations in “quality service, technology and consultative thinking,” allowing It’s Nice That to ask questions and push each new issue of Printed Pages forward. “Park is good at listening to what you want to achieve from the beginning, the aim of the issue,” says Printed Pages’ art director, Jamie McIntyre. “It work with you to bring options to the table, which not many printers do.” For the SS17 issue we wanted the cover to put a smile across newsstands, using a print quality that would allow the rich pink of Ted Parkers’ illustration to sing. Park provided consultation to make this a reality, “advising on what would work to achieve the pink we really wanted,” explains Jamie. “They ran different levels of yellow and cyan providing samples of what could work which we chose from. Park is not only a service but a creative printers.”


Printed Pages Spring Summer 2017 on press


Printed Pages Spring Summer 2017 on press


Printed Pages Spring Summer 2017 on press

One of Park’s services we consistently use is the option of press-passing. Once Printed Pages is ready to go, Jamie and Printed Pages’ designer Ali Hanson spend the day at Park “to press pass the cover and first few text sections,” says Alison. Although Park checks the artwork provided and supply hi-resolution colour proofs, press-passing is a fun opportunity “to see the theatre of a printers,” says Jamie. “It allows us to ensure the quality we’ve set out to achieve, to make sure the colour is right, that the photos are the same as on the digital proofs and then use them to match the colours that have been printed on press.” After everything is signed off and printed, Park applies “the required finish to the cover and then fold the text and bind,” as well as producing associated collateral of posters and postcards.

Overall, Park frees up time during the production of Printed Pages, by handling “all your printing needs, so you no longer have to deal with multiple suppliers,” explains Alison. However they also give the option to be involved as much as you would like, particularly in terms of advice. By taking “pride in managing the whole process from customer brief to distribution,” Park is a trustworthy printers who know and understand not just its facilities but the creative client too.


Printed Pages Spring Summer 2017 on press


Printed Pages Spring Summer 2017 on press


Printed Pages Spring Summer 2017 on press