Cynthia Kittler: D(X)I POCKET DESIGN GUIDE Agua de Valencia

Work / Illustration

Brand new work from the unstoppable illustrator Cynthia Kittler

It hasn’t taken long for Cynthia Kittler to find her feet. We hardly have time to blink before the German illustrator produces another bevy of impressive work. No stranger to It’s Nice That, Cynthia keeps us coming back for more and more with her exciting and colourful creations for editorial giants from The New York Times, Creative Review and Die Zeit. Her playful, textured illustration is the perfect foil to conservative magazine layouts, and if the latest wave of commissions for Bilanz, Brummel Magazine, and Die Zeit is anything to go by, she’s showing no signs of slowing down either. It’s not hard to see why; whether it’s poolside cocktails or convivial dinner scenes, her style is both soft and bold, and always distinct whilst being versatile.


Cynthia Kittler: Stack Magazines & MUBI


Cynthia Kittler: Bilanz


Cynthia Kittler: Brigitte


Cynthia Kittler: Die Zeit / Chancen


Cynthia Kittler: Die Zeit / Chancen


Cynthia Kittler: D(X)I POCKET DESIGN GUIDE Agua de Valencia


Cynthia Kittler: Brummel Magazine