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Superb behind-the-scenes film opens up D&AD Black Pencil judging

Ever pored over the latest creative awards winners, baffled and bewildered over those who won and those who didn’t and wondered what on earth the judges were thinking? Well in a bold, welcome move D&AD have released a 13-minute behind-the-scenes film of the judging process for their much-coveted Black Pencils. Although the winners will not be announced until September 18, those final decisions are almost beside the point when weighed against the huge insights contained within this excellent piece. We can always disagree with the outcomes, but it’s fascinating to see how the process plays out and to hear first-hand why things could potentially stand or fall (it’s interesting for example to hear how the commercial success of a campaign is filtered in, if at all).

This is a really good piece and a must-watch for creatives whether you hold store by these kinds of competitions or not. Now we just need to persuade all the other awards to publicise their decision-making in this way…


D&AD Black Pencil award identity


D&AD Black Pencil film (still)


D&AD Black Pencil film (still)


D&AD Black Pencil film (still)


D&AD Black Pencil film (still)