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One of the brains behind Meet the Superhumans, we profile Dan Brooke

Ahead of this summer’s sporting spectacular, most would have assumed the Paralympics would play second fiddle to the Olympics. That they didn’t is down in no small part to Channel 4’s extraordinarily successful way of repositioning the Paralympics based around the Meet the Superhumans campaign. Billing the achievements of disabled athletes as something over and above their able-bodied counterparts, it captured the public’s imagination and seems to have irrevocably changed attitudes to disability in the UK.

Dan Brooke is Channel 4’s head of marketing and communications and we are delighted that he will join us at In Progress to outline how the channel came up with and implemented such a successful, important strategy. His background in advertising with brands like Coca Cola and American Express led to a career in television taking in significant launches for the likes of Paramount Comedy and E4, so Dan is well-placed to give a unique insight into how the different creative threads came together to form one of the defining campaigns of 2012.

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