Daniel Adel: Caleb Penniman Sr. (detail)

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Art: Satirical illustrator Daniel Adel also paints incredibly detailed portraits! Look!

Daniel Adel is best known for his satirical illustration, as championed by the likes of The New Yorker and The New York Times; abnormally large-headed politicians sipping beverages next to scantily-clad babes, caricatures of famous faces with overgrown ears and noses. Over on his website, though, these cheeky images are more than matched by incredibly serious and very impressive portraiture which looks like it would be just as at home on the walls of an American president’s mahogany-lined office as it would over your grandmother’s fireplace.

We don’t get to put this kind of work, formal, traditional and brilliantly executed painted portraits, up on the site as much as we’d like to, so we’re taking full advantage of Daniel Adel’s talent as an excuse to do so.

Daniel Adel: Doris Gutierrez

Daniel Adel: Henry Goode

Daniel Adel: Rushton

Daniel Adel: Caleb Penniman Sr.

Daniel Adel: Megan

Daniel Adel: Penniman