Daniel Rozin: PomPom Mirror

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Extraordinary “fur mirror” reacts to people and objects in front of it

There are a lot of artists doing interesting things with digital but for me the most engaging are those who explore the points at which human and computers come together to create something interactive – such as the Random International collective (of Rain Room fame) and Daniel Rozin. The latter, a New York-based artist, educator and developer, has just opened a new show at the bitforms gallery which includes one of the most striking interactive projects we’ve come across for ages.

PomPom Mirror features 928 fake fur puffs controlled by hundreds of motors that react to sensors monitoring people or objects that come in front of it. Turning the spheres from their beige side to their black side and back again, the mirror is thus able to trace someone moving an arm, or even the effect of sunlight passing across its surface. As Daniel puts it: “Ghostly traces fade and emerge, as the motorised composition hums in unified movement, seemingly alive and breathing as a body of its own.”

It’s an extension of his longstanding interest in mimicking the effects of mirrors but this may be his most impressive offering to date; a beguiling combination of considered technology and playful sensibility.

Daniel Rozin, Descent With Modification runs until 1 July.


Daniel Rozin: PomPom Mirror


Daniel Rozin: PomPom Mirror


Daniel Rozin: PomPom Mirror