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Animator Daniela Sherer tackles forgiveness for The School of Life

Working in Tel Aviv and London, animator Daniela Sherer has lent her skills for The School of Life’s latest lesson that tackles the subject of forgiveness. Daniela has created shorts for the institution in the past and here she’s been tasked with visualising how integral forgiveness is for the continuation of social life.

“We need to flex our forgiveness muscles more regularly – and the best way to do so is to remember how much we’ve needed others to forgive us in the past,” the caption reads. Taking us on a pastel-coloured journey, Daniela’s characters are chirpy and full of expression, each made up of simple linework and block shapes.

The animator’s friendly and naive style is perfect for the subject matter as the narration glides through topics swiftly. Daniela plays out scenarios of when forgiveness has occurred, the irritating faults in others (which make it hard to forgive) and when we, the viewer, has done wrong. The subtle humour Daniela communicates throughout allows her to distill these intangible concepts with ease and her transitions are clever and considered.


Daniela Sherer: Forgiveness, The School of Life (still)


Daniela Sherer: Forgiveness, The School of Life (still)


Daniela Sherer: Forgiveness, The School of Life (still)


Daniela Sherer: Forgiveness, The School of Life (still)