Danny Sangra: Poster for Valerie Mallory Gallery show in Tokyo (detail)

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Danny Sangra’s awesome illustrated interviews for new Tokyo show are a thrill

Like Ed Norton in Fight Club (1999 spoiler alert!) The Valerie Mallory Gallery has two distinct personas. According to its website, it was founded in New York in 1978 by Valerie herself, “critic, mother and muse to many.” Closed after her deportation, it has been rekindled by son Viktor, or so they’d have us believe. Alternatively it’s the brainchild of Danny Sangra, who was keen to create a new kind of space in which to showcase the work of artists he admired. To mark the opening of the VMG show in Tokyo, Danny has put together some awesome illustrated interviews with those taking part. But we thought it was wise to speak to the man himself too for a bit of a lowdown…


Danny Sangra: Illustrated interviews – Chrissie Abbott


Danny Sangra: Illustrated interviews – Andrew de Francesco

Hi Danny! Tell us about the story behind VMG? How did it start?

It started as a place to display the work made by a close circle of travelling friends. It’s since developed into place where artists of various levels are free to try out new work. Sometimes an artist needs to be invisible in order to create something with less judgement against previous work. 

How do you select which artists you work with?

All the artists have at some point seen each other naked or being sick on a street corner. Sometimes both at the same time. Do either and you’re in.

Was the move from online gallery to physical shows planned?

As most of the artists live around the world, having a real space allows us all to get together. Most of us travel together so it’s just another excuse to do something together. 

What are the plans for the future of the VMG?

Keep the space moving. We have had our debut show in Tokyo. Actually we are having it at this very moment. As I type in fact. We will continue to develop and make people wonder what the hell we are really all about. 


Danny Sangra: Illustrated interviews – Anne Margolis


Danny Sangra: Illustrated interviews – Jay Griffin


Danny Sangra: Illustrated interviews – Louise Ingalls Sturges


Danny Sangra: Illustrated interviews – Veronica von Nelson


Danny Sangra: Illustrated interviews – Viktor Mallory


Danny Sangra: Illustrated interviews – N.A.N.


Danny Sangra: Illustrated interviews – Danny Sangra


Danny Sangra: Poster for Valerie Mallory Gallery show in Tokyo