Looking for a rounded workhorse typeface? Darden Studio’s Kit blends form and function

Continuing Joshua Darden’s legacy of distinctive, usable typefaces, Kit is a plump sans that can sit comfortably in any environment.

18 March 2024


What unites these names: Crayola, The Smithsonian Museum, Bernie Sanders and Shazam. The answer is Joshua Darden, the type designer who made his name on versatile, personality-laden fonts with applications stretching as wide as two presidential campaigns (Jubilat for Bernie Sanders) and a diaper company’s brand face (Omnes for Huggies). Darden Studio, now helmed by Joyce Ketterer, builds on these foundations with its new typeface Kit. Designed with Onur Yazıcıgil and Darden Studio chief designer Eben Sorkin, Kit blends uncompromising utility with a versatile rounded flare.

Rounded sans have blossomed in popularity, particularly in the branding space where friendliness and approachability are a precious commodity. The problem is that many bubbly retail options are not designed with wide applications in mind. Kit, which comes with a sharp accompanying sans, remedies this by focusing on the optimal treatment of joins and structure, inspired by neoclassical proportions. Its sans serif counterpart allows for many different applications, whether print media or digital, and its carefully considered letter and number forms ensure legibility across all sizes – whether you’re looking for a charming logo for a lifestyle brand or for clear and concise body text.


Darden Studio: Kit (Copyright © Darden Studio)

Kit is the work of Onur Yazıcıgil, the Istanbul-based typographer and design educator, who teamed with Eben Sorkin, chief designer at Darden Studio. “Onur’s designs carry a delicate, classical feel, and with Kit, we aimed to push the boundaries further,” says Eben. “Kit is not just another addition to our collection; it is a testament to our commitment to innovation, serving branding needs with designs that move the standard forward.”

The typeface creates an interesting addition to Darden’s legacy by managing to land somewhat of a hat-trick in type design. In departure from other rounded sans on the market, which are heavily weighted in nostalgia, Kit has a timeless quality, it’s versatile, and it’s got charm – which is what a rounded sans should be all about.

“Darden Studio has always been about more than just fonts; it’s about crafting tools that enhance the reading experience, that add a little effervescence to everyday tasks,” says Eben. “It’s designed not just to be used but to be enjoyed, enriching the user’s day with every word.” Kit is now available for commercial use at Darden Studio and Adobe Fonts; explore the typeface here.

GalleryDarden Studio: Kit (Copyright © Darden Studio)

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Darden Studio, founded by Joshua Darden and continued by Joyce Ketterer, pursues typography that is the result of earnest inquiry and is suited to contemporary technical and design expectations. The studio strives for enduring typography beyond fleeting trends.

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Darden Studio: Kit (Copyright © Darden Studio)

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