Work / Animation

“It is a world larger than Scunthorpe” – We Am The Kestrel’s spectacular Dark Market

“Behind the housing estates and bedroom windows of Scunthorpe hides a cyber-world in which I am insignificant…” What an opening line! This perfectly-crafted short film was actually produced for Random House to promote Misha Glenny’s book Dark Market (which, after seeing this, I’m definitely going to read.) So behold this animation from “We am the Kestrel”, a collaborative team made up of Stephen Middleton, Theo Nunn, Phoebe Halstead and Nuno Neves, featuring a man trudging through Scunthorpe in all its glory whilst tendril-like feelers and creatures emerge out of the gloomy corners. Short, sweet, and very powerful – this must be the best method of promoting a new novel.