Cat litter and olive oil

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Put your trust in Darren Bader’s fusion of unlikely objects

It is important to let your gut trust the work of certain artists. And just as something in your gut would tell you to trust someone at a party confidently telling you to climb on to the roof with them and throw cactii from the chimneys, you must put your faith in Darren Bader. Bader creates debatable pieces of installation based only upon his certainty that the objects just “go together.” He is able to fill entire spaces with contrasting, incompatible paraphernalia whilst the doubting public look on, only then to be astounded at the magic he is making. You didn’t think Tahini could go well with buttons? Well think again…


Proposal for Filling a Swimming Pool with Couscous
Architectural model with couscous, the potential to make the proposal a reality
53 × 21 3/8 × 25 1/4 in (134.6 × 54.3 × 64.1 cm)


Two avocados with a kiwi inside: one avocado with a chrome pit


Orange soda with/and smoked salmon


A conversation between two plants
A conversation between plants from different species
A conversation between a plant and something made of plant cells
A conversation between Tim and Gaffi
A conversation between you and some energy source you don’t care about
(A conversation between you and) something you believe in
A plant with a hat


Goat as a microprocessor that vomits blood to grow basil