David Benjamin Sherry: Emerald Cliffs, California (2012)

Work / Art

Spectacular and colourful rocky landscapes from photographer David Benjamin Sherry

David Benjamin Sherry’s photographs from his new project Astral first remind me of Rainbow Dust, the hideously delicious sour sugar crystals that came in a long tube mixed with Solero lollies. More beautiful of course, he’s created colourful, monochromatic topographical landscapes that crumble in a spectrum of rocky fluorescents.

Travelling through the great National Parks of Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona and California, David used film to capture these vast terrains of dirt and rock. Then after mixing and intensifying colour in his darkroom, he manages to achieve a ridiculously radiant and fresh saturation of colour that I’ve rarely seen without the use of digital means. As well as the different textures, it’s the titles for these images that I’m really loving like Tangerine Sweep, Mint Plateau as they make my mouth water even more.


David Benjamin Sherry: Shifting Cyan Slate, New Mexico (2012)


David Benjamin Sherry: Magenta Mesa Wall, Utah (2012)


David Benjamin Sherry: Ice Cliffs, Oregon (2012)


David Benjamin Sherry: Electric Crimson Mountain, Utah (2012)


David Benjamin Sherry: Tangerine Sweep, Death Valley (2012)


David Benjamin Sherry: Deep Blue Sandstorm, California (2012)


David Benjamin Sherry: Mint Plateau, New Mexico (2012)


David Benjamin Sherry: Golden Crevice Canyon, Arizona (2012)


David Benjamin Sherry: Grand Alpine Plateau, New Mexico (2012)


David Benjamin Sherry: Vermillon Peak at Midnight, Death Valley (2012)