David Lemm: First Allie

Work / Graphic Design

Navigate your way around David Lemm’s fascinating screenprints

Thought-provoking to say the least, this beautiful series of screenprints have been created by Edinburgh-based David Lemm. The foundation of David’s work comes from shamanistic imagery and the physical/metaphysical relationship we have with the earth. By “creating imagery that is simultaneously recognisable, yet mysterious and unfamiliar,” it is safe to say I’m feeling unnerved about that man standing idly in the distance. Creepy!

David screenprints directly onto maps and charts, leaving the original marking so it becomes a part of the composition. Spooky landscapes are sculpted out of pieces of foam and flour to form desert and mountain ranges. Pretty cool, huh.


David Lemm: New Land


David Lemm: Direction Poles


David Lemm: One


David Lemm: Stellar Appropriation


David Lemm: ALLY


David Lemm: Power Tools