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David Lewandowski’s floppy rubber bodies take over the streets of Japan

LA-based filmmaker David Lewandowski has released Time for Sushi, a five-minute short “inspired by an obsessive passion for nonsense”. The film is part of an ongoing series of David’s, in which he uses floppy, nude, CGI bodies to galavant around different cities.

In 2011, David created Going to the Store, which followed a naked character on a “silly disjointed journey” doing his weekly food shop. Two years later he released Late for Meeting, a sequel that saw the unnamed man reach east Los Angeles and saw him travelling haphazardly through its parks.

Keeping relatively under the radar until now, Time for Sushi sees the original character joined by thousands more on a jaunt through the streets and suburbs of Japan. Rubber-like, unnerving and downright bizarre, seeing David’s nude, bendy people on mass is both hilarious and frightening.

The very loose narrative is absurd, and the characters travel around the cityscape by foot, train and water. The film is beautifully crafted as the digital characters blend seamlessly into the landscape around them. While there’s been a trend of rubber humans for a while now, David was one of the first to translate these computer creations into the real world. The gestures, movements and nonplussed expressions are oddly funny and the addition of Jean-Jaques Perrey and Gilbert Sigrist’s happy-go-lucky track Dynamog only adds to the hilarity.


David Lewandowski: Time for Sushi (still)


David Lewandowski: Time for Sushi (still)


David Lewandowski: Time for Sushi (still)


David Lewandowski: Time for Sushi (still)