Salvador Dali and Andy at the St. Regis Hotel, New York City, winter 1964-6


Baby Jane Holzer, Mick Jagger, the model Peggy Moffitt, and Andy at Holzer’s apartment, New York City, winter 1964-6


Andy, Chuck Wein, Gerard Malanga and Edie Sedgwick as a composite Pop creature at David McCabe’s studio, New York City, spring 196


Andy, David Whitney, Philip Johnson, Dr. John Dalton and architect Robert Stern


Andy and Gerard Malanga silk-screening the background green onto a Flower painting


Andy and Robert Rauschenber

Work / Photography

David McCabe: A Year in the Life of Andy Warhol

Here are two of the most iconic figures – never mind artists – of the 20th Century photographed together in a New York hotel suite by David McCabe. Warhol was downing wine in a bid to calm his nerves – Dali probably didn’t help by plonking this headdress on him. It’s just one of the fascinating pictures contained in David McCabe’s book A Year in the Life of Andy Warhol with an exhibition about to open at the Proud Gallery. McCabe’s refusal to buy into the cultish reverence that surrounded Warhol makes the pictures unflinchingly honest, and all the more interesting.

Pictures copyright of the artist, courtesy of Phaidon.