David Rappeneau conjures a surreal fusion of reality and fantasy in his striking artworks

David is an artist of few words – so he lets his fantastical, near-apocalyptic scenes do all the talking instead.

8 June 2023


On some occasions, we become completely enamoured by an artist’s work – both for the talent and technical skill and the general mystery surrounding the artist themselves. Such as is the case with French artist David Rappeneau, who offers little to no information on themselves beyond their published work.

What pulls us into David’s realms of desire and consumption is his intersection of imagination, dreams and the darker aspects of human experience. In his near-apocalyptic scenes, he skilfully blends the boundaries between image and reality, and fantasy and tangible existence, creating a disorienting effect that draws us into a world where the virtual and the real coexist and intertwine harmoniously.

David’s mixed media creations – incorporating acrylic, ballpoint pen, pencil and charcoal – serve as reminders that our insatiable appetites have been further fuelled by our immersion in the digital realm. The androgynous figures that inhabit his works are voracious consumers, yet they appear unaffected by the excesses they indulge in, defying the negative consequences typically associated with overindulgence. We observe the lavish designer labels, protruding clavicles and edgy attire, while David expertly paints them with skilful strokes of light and colour, filling their forms with life and depth.

GalleryCopyright © David Rappeneau, 2023

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Copyright © David Rappeneau, 2023

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