David Rudnick: Phantasy Sound record sleeve (Pic courtesy of theinspiration.com)

Work / Graphic Design

David Rudnick is the go-to guy for proper good-time graphic design

Working across many different areas can be tricky but David Rudnick makes it look easy with his prolific portfolio of super cool work.

He knows how to keep things fresh and fun – creating a 12" photo vinyl trompe l’oeil – but he can also do serious as demonstrated by his work on The Yale Literary Magazine or combining the digital and print worlds for Symbol magazine.

And as well as album sleeves and publications he produces a host of killer posters for club night Make Time. Rudnick designs the perfect promise for a good night out (come on, all those wiggles and colours!) with a really distinctive use of type too.

Party on David!


David Rudnick: Making Time poster


David Rudnick: Making Time poster


David Rudnick: Making Time poster


David Rudnick: Making Time poster


David Rudnick: Typeface


David Rudnick: Optimo Poster