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A pair of scissors comes to life in David Sandell’s Toy Story-like animation

Stockholm-based CG artist David Sandell’s beautiful animation is an elegant and striking tale about a pair of scissors that tries to escape the confines of the kitchen. Titled A Small Escape, the film has just won best animation at Sweden’s Short Film Festival 2016, and it’s easy to see why as the smooth animation of the scissors gives the usually inanimate object a character and presence. 

As the scissors travel through the house, the short is like a stationery-based Toy Story with surrounding desk supplies slowly gracefully coming to life to help the wanderlust-filled scissors. It’s a charming story, and executed so wonderfully any slightly twee moments are simply welcomed.


David Sandell: A Small Escape (still)


David Sandell: A Small Escape (still)


David Sandell: A Small Escape (still)