Work / Friday Mixtape

This week’s Friday Mixtape comes courtesy of hip hop artist DELS

They might seem like a load of gobbledygook, but the words Shapeshift, Trumpalump and GOB all have one thing in common; they’re singles by UK rapper and hip hop artist DELS, wordsmith and It’s Nice That Friday Mixtape-creator du jour. We have it on very good authority that he’s been known to dabble in graphic design and filmmaking too, which makes DELS alright in basically all of our books.

He’s currently up to his armpits in art direction for his brand spanking new album (watch this space!) but we pinned him down to cobble together this glorious mix for us, putting Erykah Badu, Aphex Twin and Q-Tip side by side where they truly belong, warbling you into your weekend. Enjoy!