Sitraka Rakatoniana: Time Conditioning: “Enter the bullet-time”


Dominic Wilcox: Finger Nose Stylus


Vilma Jaruseviciute: Urban Dolls


James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau: The Audio Tooth Implant


Gunnar Green: Call me, Choke me


Revital Cohen: Electrocyte Appendix


Gerard Rallo: Device for Mindless Communication

Work / Product Design

Design Faction

Evolution eh? From fish to monkeys to modern celebrities like Dermot O’Leary (I’m paraphrasing) it’s been one heck of a joyride. But what about the next steps – maybe it’s time for designers to step in. That’s the thinking behind Design Faction, a new show running as part of the Lodz Design Festival which explores how creative forward-thinkers can help us humans kick on from here, covering everything from communication to erotica.

The thinking behind the show may be serious, but there’s an enjoyably playful streak which runs throughout much of the work. Dominic Wilcox’s Finger Nose Stylus makes sure our smartphones are even easier to use, Gerard Rallo’s Device for Mindless Communication takes care of formulaic chit-chat and Gunnar Green’s Call me, Choke me gives wearers a sexy tightening thrill when they receive a phone call.

James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau have come up with a tooth implant to facilitate electronic telepathy, Revital Cohen’s Electrocyte Appendix turns blood sugar into electricity, Sitraka Rakatoniana wants prosthetic limbs to help us think and feel more deeply by replicating slowed down “bullet-time” and Vilma Jaruseviciute ‘s Urban Dolls accessories aim to replicate the effects of plastic surgery, at a fraction of the cost.

Smart, stylish and thought-provoking – looks like a blast. Your move evolution.

The show has been curated by Kasia Jezowska and was developed in partnership with the British Council.