Jung Eunyoung: Clothed Chairs

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Fluffy, sexy and preppy: Jung Eunyoung gives chairs a fashion makeover

Fashions come and go, passing as quickly as my craze for tucking tracksuit bottoms into socks, wearing those whiter-than-white trainers while rocking the wet look hair – a somewhat brief and ill-advised fashion interlude I’d like to add! Well, thank heavens we can change and adapt, a principle not lost on Korean designer Jung Eunyoung, who responds to the adaptive nature of fashion and trendsetting by dressing furniture in a number of different outfits.

Each seat starts out as uniformed and white, plain in design, just waiting for its moment to let down its hair and take off its glasses in true Hollywood style. As the seat dons the different outfits, the character of the object completely transforms, taking on a variety of identities that will continue to evolve along with the fashion of the day.


Jung Eunyoung: Clothed Chairs


Jung Eunyoung: Christmas Jumper


Festive cheer Before and After


Fluffy chair before and after


Jung Eunyoung: My Puppy


Jung Eunyoung: Twinkle