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Design Indaba 2014: Sagmeister, Obrist and Hulme among our audio bites

I have spent many hours chasing speakers around conference venues truing to secure interviews. It’s always frustrating; it can be fruitless. So at this year’s amazing Design Indaba in Cape Town, we decided to do something a little different, and when we asked speakers if they had “ a spare five minutes” we literally meant it. Five Minutes With… does exactly what it says on the tin; take great creative minds, ask them a range of questions (some silly, some more serious) and bring it all to an end around the five minute mark.

The results were better than we could have expected, with a host of art and design insight in amongst Stefan Sagmeister revealing he never saw Night At The Museum, IDEO’s Tom Hulme relating a traumatic childhood experience (for his sister) and Hans Ulrich Obrist basically ignoring the format. Enjoy!

You can also listen to them over on our dedicated audiovisual site First Broadcast.

Stefan Sagmeister

Hans Ulrich Obrist

Michel Rojkind

Lauren Beukes

Jake Barton

Tom Hulme

Marcello Serpa

Ije Nwokorie